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A su tiempo

Título original: In His time
Compositor: Diana Ball
Traducción: Maranatha! Latin (excepto una modificación al final de la 2da estrofa)

SPANISH: A su tiempo

A Su hora, en Su momento
Él hará todas las cosas a Su tiempo
Y así me enseñará
que sus promesas cumplirá
a su hora, en su momento y a su tiempo

A Tu hora, en Tu momento
Tú harás todas las cosas a Tu tiempo
Y mi vida yo pondré
en Tus manos para que
hagas tu obra en mí a Tu tiempo

ENGLISH: In his time

In His time, in His time,
He makes all things beautiful, in His time,
Lord, please show me everyday,
As You’re teaching me Your way,
That You do just what You say, in Your time.

In Your time, in Your time,
You make all things beautiful, in Your time.
Lord, my life to Your I bring,
May each song I have to sing,
Be to You a lovely thing, in Your time.

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